Images are essential parts of your website. Whether you are operating a personal blog or an online course, images are essential for illustration purposes. Turning on to Google and another search engine, searching for images, downloading, and using them on your site is a common practice. If you are not aware, such practices can land bring about the serious copyright issue.

Like any other property, digital assets that you come along on the online platforms are not free. They have different rights that control their usage.  In your process of finding free images, you will come along different terms. This article presents you with the main differences between copyright free and royalty free images. Here they are:

Copyright free vs. Royalty free images

Copyright free images refer to those pictures and photos that are free to use without any obligations. On the other hand, royalty free images are a subcategory of copyright images. For you to use them, you need to pay a one-time fee. The difference is you will not be required to pay other fees in future in the form of royalty. Hence, copyright free images are like free assets while royalty free images are not. Also, they are not in the public domain.

Legal protection

A copyright is a legal restriction on the usage of a particular asset or property without permission from the owner. Hence, copyright free images are ones that the owners have not obtained any legal restrictions on their usage. Using them does not need you to obtain any permission. Also, you will not have any fear of getting sued. Conversely, royalty free images are copyrighted. This means that they have legal protection. For you to use them, you need to pay an access fee. However, the copyrights still remain as the property of the owner. Hence, you can only use them for the stated purpose.

Future ownership

For copyright-free images, the owner has the ability to revoke the image use in future through copyrighting them. Remember copyright free pictures are those the owner has allowed everyone to use for their own purpose. However, it does not mean the photographer cannot change the situation in the future. To the contrary, upon paying the one-time fee, you can use the images for particular purposes. Nevertheless, you do not have any power of owning the images as they still remain the property of their owners.

And those are the main differences between the two types of free images.


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