Getting quality images for use on your website is not a smooth ride. Particularly, when your budgets are heading south such that paying royalty fees is a real hustle quality images remain as unaccomplished desire. As you know, images are an essential component of modern websites. So, missing an opportunity to get some can be a pain in the back.

Luckily, the digital era has made it easy to access free images. Particularly, there are hundreds if not thousands of public free images where every aspiring blogger or web owner can access high-quality photos for use in their web posts. With that said, here are the top three places for obtaining these types of images:

1 Public domain pictures

Public domain pictures is a platform that allows you to access free images both for professional and personal use.  If you want a love image to visualize your feeling to your spouse or you want a plant image to take your environment awareness campaign message home, you will get a quality one from this platform.  However, if you want an image for commercial use, the bad news is that you will need to get into your pocket. You will be required to access intellectual property before using any image for commercial purpose. Also, to access high-quality images, you need to upgrade to a premium level which calls for a subscription fee.

2 Wikimedia Commons

If you are searching for high quality public free images, Wikimedia Commons should be your first option. The platform is an image database from Wikipedia. It houses images from various organizations that are of high-quality. However, some of them require you to pay to obtain a license to use them. Despite this, most of the images in this database have expired or outdated licenses making them free for use without any legal obligations. Hence, you can obtain quality images for use on your sites without spending any dime.

3 Image After

Are you tired of restriction on the usage of free images? Imagine you want a picture to use in promoting your products online. You log on to Wikimedia Commons and Public domain pictures and find it. However, before going out parting, you realize that the image is only allowed for personal and not commercial purpose. Probably, you feel disappointed as you do not have the cash to pay for royalty fees.  If this is you, Image After is your refuge. The platform allows you to use the images for any purpose without any limitation. As long as you are not using them to create a competition to the site, you are good to go.


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